3 Rivers Watch

What is Three Rivers Watch?

3RWK monitors over 125 river miles and we can’t be everywhere at once.

This is where we need your help.

The below manual will be used to build our volunteer monitoring program called 3 Rivers Watch. Our volunteer training program teaches everyday citizens concepts of identifying and reporting pollution. This manual (3RWK River Watch Manual) will discuss the types of water pollution a user may encounter while out on the rivers, pollution issues that are most common in our watershed, and how to identify and properly report river pollution.

The 3 Rivers Watch is a network of volunteers who are active river users, from individuals to groups, who have a vested interest in clean water.

We are strongly encouraging the use of the free Water Reporter App. It is the most efficient way for you stop submit a report. Open the app, take a picture, tell us what you are seeing, and click send.

Visit www.waterreporter.org for more information.